Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Day Derek Jeter was Discovered

In honor of Dick Groch, who is in attendance tonight to watch his blue-chip recruit chase history

From "The Captain: The Journey of Derek Jeter"

Dick Groch first saw Derek Jeter at a baseball camp in Mount Morris, Michigan, where the shortstop fi elded ground balls, showed off his arm, and ran the sixty-yard dash. Groch was standing next to an assistant coach at Michigan State who was taken by the teen’s talents and who wanted to get Jeter on his mailing list.

“You’d better save your postage,” Groch told the coach. “That kid’s not going to school.”

The Yankees’ scout had been watching Jeter for only half an hour when he ruined that Michigan State assistant’s day. Groch had been a junior baseball coach for eighteen years, and he had seen dozens of prospects come and go as a scout. He knew a star when he saw one.

“When you look in the window of a jewelry store,” Groch said, “it doesn’t take long to see that big ring. If you’ve been in it as long as I had, you know the difference between going to the Kentucky Derby and the county fair.”

From The Captain

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