Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tino and Jorge on Jeter Out on the Town

From my book, The Captain: The Journey of Derek Jeter

Tino Martinez: "In Boston, first three or four years of Derek's career, no matter where we went guys would get loud and shout, 'Nomar's better than you. Nomar's the man.' They were always trying to get Derek fired up and say, 'Go f--- yourself,' but he wouldn't do it. Derek would just say, 'Hey, you're right. It's cool. Nomar's a great player.' And it would defuse the situation."

Jorge Posada on Jeter in clubs: "He was always looking around. He knows if that lady's standing right there and she looks, he knows that lady's coming about ten, fifteen minutes later to either say hello or do something. He sees the whole room. He's unbelievable, how he can scan people and really read them. We'll be out and there will be a situation that puts us in a spot, and he'll know to take off right away. He analyzes things before they happen, which is what he does on the field."

Tino on Derek's dates: "If he's dating a girl, it's dinner and a movie, and no drinking until four in the morning. Maybe when you win the World Series, but other than that, no. I mean, he's a normal guy, and the girls he dates usually are pretty normal. And when they're not, or when they want the big party scene, then they're gone."

from The Captain

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Laurent said...

Yeah, the whole in the club thing, sensing trouble? It's called being street wise. I had that. Its vital for survival.