Saturday, May 28, 2011

How Cashman tried to stop Torre from Overworking Arms

From "The Captain: The Journey of Derek Jeter"

One constant issue was Torre's use, or overuse, of certain members of the bullpen, the most recent and obvious case represented by the dangling right arm belonging to Scott Proctor, who had pitched 102 1/3 innings over 83 games in 2006.

Over the winter, Brian Cashman consulted with members of Torre's coaching staff and arranged for an intervention. Cashman called in bench coach Don Mattingly, third-base coach Larry Bowa, first-base coach Tony Pena, and bullpen coach Joe Kerrigan.

Most, if not all, shared the general manager's opinion that Torre needed to adjust the way he used relief pitchers and do a better job of protecting valuable arms. Cashman did not bother inviting Ron Guidry, the pitching coach, because the GM saw Guidry as a blind follower of Torre's who would never cut against the manager's grain.

Once the meeting started and Torre figured out its agenda, he got so defensive that the coaches turned stone-cold silent, hanging Cashman out to dry. Suddenly a group intervention became a faceoff between the GM and Torre. It did not go well, and after the meeting ended, Kerrigan, Bowa, and Mattingly apologized to Cashman for, in effect, chickening out.

From "The Captain"

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