Monday, May 30, 2011

The Flip Play in Oakland

The Jeter flip play in Oakland, Game 3, 2001

From "The Captain: The Journey of Derek Jeter"

Up in his executive suite, Beane was locked in the same state of
shock that gripped the hushed crowd of 55,861. His A’s had lost a Game 5 to the Yanks the previous fall, and now they had opened the Game 3 door to the same crushing fate.

“This was in the heart of the Yankee aura,” Beane said. “It was a time when you were a club like Oakland,and you were playing the Yankees, at no point did you think they’re not going to come back and beat you.”

J. P. Ricciardi, Oakland’s director of player personnel and a Boston
Celtics fan out of Worcester, Massachusetts, likened the play to Larry
Bird’s indelible steal of Isiah Thomas’s inbounds pass in the 1987 Eastern Conference finals.

Ricciardi’s boss, Billy Beane? He was not angry over Jeremy Giambi’s failure to slide, and he was not exasperated over Danley’s failure to see the play as a tie-goes-to-the-runner proposition. Beane was simply awed by Jeter’s grace.

“It’s almost as if Derek designed it,” he said, “like, ‘Hey, I’ve got to
go into the dugout anyway.’ It had to be perfect and fit right into his
schedule. There were two outs, he flipped to Posada on his way to the dugout, and just sort of disappeared.

“Derek Jeter even has an elegant way of breaking your heart.”

from The Captain

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