Friday, May 27, 2011

Chad Curtis on the cost of his Seattle tiff with Jeter

Chad Curtis paid a price for confronting Derek Jeter after the shortstop famously traded phantom jabs with the Mariners' A-Rod during a 1999 brawl between the two teams in Seattle.

From "The Captain: The Journey of Derek Jeter"

The night he confronted Jeter was the night he guaranteed he would not be wearing pinstripes for long. Seven weeks after he helped the Yanks repeat as champions or the first time since 1978, Curtis was traded to Texas for Brandon Knight and Sam Marsonek.

One Yankee executive said Jeter was indeed among the chief reasons Curtis was dealt, and that the shortstop -- who did discuss personnel matters with George Steinbrenner during occasional offseason visits -- made it clear he wanted the outfielder gone.

Either way, Curtis believed Jeter's feelings for him represented at least a contributing factor in his exit. "Every decision has multiple reasons, and did that have one tiny part?" Curtis said. "I don't think that was the reason, but I think it adds in.

"Derek's the guy that, rightly so, this organization needs to empower to lead. And if I was some affront to that leadership, even if it's just a little bit, then I needed to go."

from "The Captain"

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