Thursday, May 1, 2008

In-Action Jackson

Someone needs to explain to me how Mark Jackson is the leader in the Knicks' vacant clubhouse. I wrote a column about it in The Record on Thursday, stating that Jackson shouldn't even be among the top five candidates to replace Isiah Thomas.

I understand Jackson's an impressive guy to talk to, and I understand he's been smart enough to cultivate relationships in the media. But giving the most difficult job in the NBA to a complete novice just doesn't make any sense.....

Nor does the position Erik Spoelstra finds himself in with the Heat. If Spoelstra loses, Pat Riley fires him. If Spoelstra wins, Pat Riley replaces him. The kid's only chance to hold on to his job is to go 41-41....

Kentucky Derby week coming up, of course, and I can hardly wait. Never been to Churchill Downs, and the extent of my knowledge about horses can be captured by these two thoughts:

Secretariat, very fast.

Mr. Ed, very funny.