Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yanks-Sox?....Just Not Ready

I've been asked to cover the Yanks-Red Sox game tonight at the Stadium, and the assignment isn't exactly stirring my blood. I still count Bucky Dent's homer as tied for the third greatest event of my life (behind marriage and birth of son, tied with the time a sweat-soaked Ashley Judd put her hand on my shoulder in the Kentucky locker room), and I still appreciate this rivalry's place among the very best in sports.
But you can't have these teams playing two series before the NBA playoffs even begin. As it is, it seems the Yanks and Sox play 162 times a year. At least let them play after the NFL draft. It's too much, too soon.
I'm hoping this is just a case of Trevor Immelman burnout that will fade once I pull up to the grand old dame in the Bronx. Still a travesty that they're tearing this ballpark down. Yankee Stadium offers horrible working conditions for the press, but I'm willing to put up with them for another 30 years to keep the place up and running.
It's a moot point. Looks like they're rebuilding the Roman Colosseum next door. Prediction: future Yankee Prince Fielder will be the Ruth of that joint.

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agonzalez1 said...

You are a very despicable man. What have you done that has the slightest amount of comparison to what Jerry Jones has done for the NFL, for his team and for charity? To call a man a coward and gutless is beneath any decent thinking man. You are horrendous. one reads your blog