Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ogilvy to Win Masters

What the hell. I can't pick Tiger, right? So let's go with Australian Geoff Ogilvy, who ended Tiger's winning streak at Doral and beat Phil -- ok, ok, Phil beat himself -- at Winged Foot. Ogilvy knows how to win a major, knows how to beat Tiger (sort of) and rarely beats himself. And when asked the other day if he'd take Tiger or the field on a bet, he took the field. Most of these cowering wimps would've taken Tiger.
It's amazing to me how eager many of the top players here are willing to roll over and play dead for Woods. You'd never believe golf wasn't a contact sport. It's like they're afraid to look over their left shoulders in case Tiger's coming on a blind-side blitz.
Fog delay here at the Masters, but it lifted on El Tigre's command. He's gone par, par on his first two holes. Nobody wants a total runaway here. The ideal, of course, is Tiger-Phil in the final Sunday pairing, but I just don't think Lefty has it in him..........................
And a shout out to Joe Poz for hooking me up on his blog. His wife, Margo, created my web site, and did a heck of a job. But now Joe's bugging me in the Masters' press room looking for his wife's check. I thought Margo was only doing it to be nice; didn't realize there would be a bill coming my way at the end of the process. Joe's looking at me right now, in fact, and he doesn't look happy.
But seriously, Poz is the best columnist in the country, with Bill Plaschke running a close second. Bill's here, too, but he likes my Arnie & Jack book and isn't looking for me to hand over a check. Maybe I'll move him into the No. 1 spot before this tournament's over.


Bill Crain said...

"Poz is the best columnist in the country"

Can't disagree with that, though obviously I haven't read them all, I know of none better.

But Plaschke? BILL PLASCHKE?

You don't seriously mean the guy so often featured on do you? The guy who uses those one-sentence paragraphs? The most self-righteously aggressive opponent of reason and sense in American sports commentary? The guy who writes for the LA Times? You can't mean him; there must be another one somewhere, writing with originality and intelligence. That guy, I'd like to meet. But he ought to change his name.

FA Francis said...

I can't believe you wrote "Win at Torrey would qualify as Tiger's greatest triumph" How do I know he had an operation? In addition, he now only plays at the big tournaments...Why is he too big to play every week like the old timres did? I never saw such a baby on the golf course as T. Woods. His anger is out of line like a spoiled 2 year old, and has a metalllity of a teenager, yet he's married! Come on, I think he is out of proportion as a golfer, and now that he's getting a bit older the shakes is sinking in. He will never win like the old timers simply because he's a spoiled barat.
So stop writing about him as if he's the best...he is not. From now on he's all down hill.
Lastly, when he's at apr, and there's a dozen doing better the TV people show him and let the other 12 just be there. Ashamed!!!!

agonzalez1 said...

You are a very despicable man. What have you done that has the slightest amount of comparison to what Jerry Jones has done for the NFL, for his team and for charity? To call a man a coward and gutless is beneath any decent thinking man. You are horrendous.