Monday, April 7, 2008

Of Tigers and Pussycats...

Sorry for the delay on Blog 2. Book promotion made it a crazy week, but we're committed to picking up our sorry game from here on out...Made it to Augusta last night, and awoke to the news that Pat Riley has been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Can't argue with the honor; Riles is indeed an all-time great.
But he did his legacy no favors by bailing on the Heat for the alleged purpose of on-site scouting of college basketball's most coveted draft prospects. Riley has a history of disappearing when times get rocky, and of resurfacing just when brighter days are clearly ahead.
No way David Stern should've allowed one of his head coaches to miss games like this. What a horrible precedent. I don't care if Riley is a team president or not; he has plenty of well-paid scouts to study college players while the NBA season is still going on. Riley wasn't as interested in checking Derrick Rose's handle and Michael Beasley's drop step as he was in getting himself as far away from his wretched team as he could.
What happens next year when another four or five losing coaches decide to hand off their teams to assistants and head to the NCAA tournament? Does Stern want a school run by substitute teachers?........................................
Anyway, on to a guy who never takes a day off -- Tiger Woods. I'm currently studying the Masters field to find someone, anyone, who can beat him this week....I've got a guy in mind...I'll throw him up here in a bit.

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