Monday, April 14, 2008

Brutal Masters..

This was one of the least interesting I've ever covered, hate to say. The people who run the Masters have just made the Augusta National course too difficult. When weather comes in like it did last year and again on Sunday, Augusta starts to take on the feel of Shinnecock.
I know Immelman had a big lead coming in, but you don't want a guy winning the Masters by shooting 75 on Sunday (highest winning final-round score since Arnie's 75 in 1962). Just like last year, there were no back-nine roars shaking the Georgia pines. The Masters is all about those roars for eagles and birds. That's what the fans want. They don't want the U.S. Open down here, but because the Masters is getting more and more like the Open, you're going to see more winners here like Immelman and Zach Johnson -- grinders.
One guy who's happy about this is Jack Nicklaus. If nothing else, Augusta is making it tougher for Tiger to blow by Jack's record of six green jackets. Woods looked like an old Ben Hogan out there standing over his putts. Even from four feet out, you could tell he had absolutely no confidence in his blade.
Personally, I had more fun watching the Masters when Tiger had a chance to shoot 92-under. The elders at Augusta were afraid of that after Tiger destroyed the course in '97, and now they've created a USGA-sized monster that won't go back in its cage.


David said...

Ian, please listen to yourself. The Master's was brutal. Augusta was too difficult. Jack loves it because as long as the course is so tough, Tiger can't catch his record. Yet, Trevor Immelman won. Brandt Snedeker, Steve Flesch, Paul Casey and a host of other "faceless tour of grinders" figured but the greens and faired better overall than Woods. Your statements sound as though Woods can't handle difficult conditions. If he is so good, why should it be any problem for him to out-play these "grinders" over the weekend at Augusta. Come to think of it, I agree with your conclusion, Woods is not as effective when conditions get tough. He better elevate his game...or maybe apply more political pressure to the Tour and Finchem and get these majors "softened up" so he can fist-pump his way to Jack's record. Hey, it works for championship wrestling and fans, like yourself, don't seem to mind.

Chris said...

Ian - I saw your appearance the other day on Outside the Lines and you came off like an arrogant jerk. Could you be anymore anti tiger? Who cares if he swears on the golf course? Tiger is the only thing on the PGA worth watching. If Tiger doesn't play in a tournament did the tournament really happen? It's just jealousy and envy. Without Tiger on tour, the PGA is just a bunch of white, rich country club punks. If a frat boy from Vanderbilt won the Masters I would have thrown up.

I compare Tiger to McEnroe when he was in his prime playing tennis. McEnroe was the only thing that made the tour remotely interesting. The minute he retired I stopped watching men's tennis and I haven't watched since.

TheGolfClub said...

"Jack" actually wants Augusta to cut the crass down around the trees to bring them back into play. I got a chance to ask him about that and other things after the Champions Skins.
Ian, I'm writing from Hawaii.
I host a radio show on Saturday and I'd love to have you on the show as a guest to talk about your new book. My website is My "public" email is I hope to hear from you.

agonzalez1 said...

You are a very despicable man. What have you done that has the slightest amount of comparison to what Jerry Jones has done for the NFL, for his team and for charity? To call a man a coward and gutless is beneath any decent thinking man. You are horrendous.